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Anonymous: Hey, what app do you use to measure your sleep quality? :) 

I use Sleep Cycle! I got it a couple years ago so I can’t remember if I paid for it…I think I did. But it was worth it. Highly recommend.

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Closed last night, opening this morning. That means roughly 5 hours of imperfect sleep (very imperfect according to my sleep app, only 51% quality yikes).

Shouldn’t have wasted sleep time by straightening my hair last night…but yo at least I look good ;)

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First day of 60 degree weather. Absolutely PERFECT sky. Went for a walk around that lake I’m usually too nervous to go around.

Pre-walk, I put on my running leggings and actually had to do a double-take in the mirror at how big my ass has gotten. Can’t tell if it’s squats or weight gain or a combo of both? Lmao I’m not complaining though.

Time to get ready for work. I fucking love spring, I’m always in a good mood :)

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