After posting my food/exercise diary, I got quite a few asks about what app I use. So I figured I’d just post it in case anyone else was curious.

I used to use MyFitnessPal and kept it up for quite a while, but lately it just hadn’t been working for me anymore. My biggest issue with it was that it didn’t include my BMR or the amount of calories I burn doing everyday activities. It would just base my net calories solely on my calorie intake and exercise, which would then give me an inaccurate net calorie reading.

I recently switched to this app, which is Calorie Count. IT’S FREE. It does have some ads, but honestly I never even notice them. These are just random pictures I screenshot from my phone of my days to show you what it looks like. I love the app mainly because it bases your net calories on not just what you burned off during exercise but also what you burned off doing everything else. (This is calculated using your BMR and activity level that you input into the program when you create an account. You can easily change these in your Settings as your BMR increases/decreases or your activity level increases/decreases.)

It also has an Analysis feature, which is absolutely awesome for me because it shows me how much protein/fat/carbs I’m getting, how many vitamins/minerals I’m getting, etc. That way, I can adjust based on the information they give me.

Logging foods is similar to how it is in MyFitnessPal. You can search for an item, scan a barcode, etc. What’s different is that Calorie Count gives you a grade for each item, then when your day is finished, it totals up all your grades and gives you a final grade for the whole day. It’s really great motivation to choose healthier options throughout the day. I aim to earn A’s and B’s every day :)

It has a Water Log, forums to talk to other people on the site, all that jazz.

One thing it doesn’t have that MyFitnessPal does is that screen that pops up after you complete your day that tells you “If every day were like this, you’d weigh ___ in 5 weeks.” But honestly, I’d take all the additions that Calorie Count offers over that feature.

ALSO: Even if you don’t have an iPhone or other device that gives you access to apps, you can use this! It’s available online at:

As always, when I review or recommend a product like this, trust me when I say I’m not being paid for it, haha. I just really love this app and strongly encourage you guys to try it if you’re thinking about it.

If you love MyFitnessPal or any other app and it works for you, that’s awesome! Finding what works for you personally is key.

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